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Welcome To M-R Law Chambers

M-R Law Chambers (Pvt) Limited is a global legal services enterprise found by Mian Waheed Ur Rehman and Mian Rehman Aziz. The initiative to expand was taken in 2003 by the visionary Mian Waheed Ur Rehman who successfully manifested his experience and vision, it was under his leadership that M-R Solicitors LLP evolved and emerged as one of the most reliable and reputed legal practices in the United Kingdom and Europe.

With solid foundations in UK and Europe and ample experience M-R have now embarked upon serving clients of Pakistan by establishing M-R Law Chambers (Pvt) Ltd in Lahore.  M-R Law Chambers (Pvt) Ltd is conveniently situated at 59-C/1 A, M.M. Alam Road in Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan.  In a short span of time M-R has managed to establish and diversify its areas of practice and shown success by positioning itself as one of the most respected and reliable legal practice’s in Pakistan.  M-R Law Chambers (Pvt) Ltd offers a plethora of legal services ranging from Immigration to Corporate law on behest of its legal team of experienced specialists.  M-R Law Chambers (Pvt) Ltd offers nothing less than a premier and efficient service with individual attention provided to each and every client according to their specific needs.

Philosophy of M-R Law Chambers (Pvt) Limited has always remained to serve it’s cliental, we are firm believers that our clients are at the core of our organization, hence the foundation of our practice is to form solid, personal and lasting relationships with anyone who seeks our advice.

M-R Law Chambers (Pvt) Limited provides bespoke consultation in accordance to the needs of every individual client who seeks consultation on personal as well as corporate matters.

In addition to our main offices in Lahore M-R Law Chambers (Pvt) Limited has presence nationwide in-order to facilitate and provide services at all significant forums in major cities of Pakistan.  Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Karachi, Peshawar and Gujranwala as well as niche cities and regions such as Sialkot, Gujrat, Jhelum, Mirpur and Azad Kashmir to name a few.

M-R Law Chambers (Pvt) Limited has an experienced team of approachable, accommodating and erudite lawyers, legal executives and other specialist personal who keep clients fully cognizant whilst resolving their legal issues in a swift and efficient manner within a reasonable budget.

M-R Law Chambers (Pvt) Limited is concurrent at handling an array of corporate, civil and criminal matters, our professional expertise range entails contract drafting, litigation, alternate dispute resolutions, amicable settlements, “government and private institutes handling and matters related to corporate sector and companies, as well as taxation, intellectual property, immigration, and legal opinions and correspondences on behalf of our Clients.

We serve as a strategic business partners to all our clients who are leading business groups and require legal counselling in habitual corporate environment as well as legal matters that are personal.

Following is merely a glimpse of our extensive work experience:


On the civil, commercial and corporate side, we represent our Clients in all sorts of litigation at different forums at mediation, arbitration, alternate dispute resolutions; Intellectual Property matters including copyrights trademarks and patents; Taxation matters including sales tax, income tax, and customs; Corporate matters including disputes relating to companies, firms, partnerships, NGOs, Trusts, Associations, Foundations, stock exchange disputes, Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan disputes; Service matters including civil services laws and labor laws, employment disputes, EOBI issues; Constitutional Issues; Election Petitions; Electricity/Gas/Water disputes; Banking disputes including recoveries and criminal complaints; General Civil Litigation including Family Laws, Land disputes, Revenue disputes, General recoveries and damages including dishonored cheques/pronotes recoveries,  Environmental Petitions, Consumer Protection, Food laws disputes, Defamation disputes, Educational disputes and Public Interest Litigations.

On the criminal side, we serve our Client in registration of F.I.Rs, bails, trials in general criminal litigation and also assistance in special laws including National Accountability Bureau disputes, Anti-Corruption disputes, Anti-Terrorism disputes, Federal Investigation Agency disputes including Cyber Crimes, Banking criminal complaints, and Special Banking Offences.

Non Litigation Services

We provide non litigation services in all the sectors and on Corporate and commercial side we provide services with respect to drafting of all national and international agreements/contracts such as take over agreements, mergers & acquisition, of industrial plants, projects, International and local joint venture agreements, Construction Agreements, Distributorship agreements, Concessionaire agreements, Employment agreements, lease and purchase agreements of immovable properties, Tenancy Agreements, furthermore we also provide services relating to formation and registration of companies, firms, partnerships, proprietorships, NGOs, Trusts, Associations, Societies, Foundations, filing of forms and returns, registration of copyrights, trademarks and patents, and supervise correspondences with governmental and non-governmental organizations on behalf of the companies and individuals including serving of legal notices.

We also provide exclusive banking services relating to drafting and registration of mortgage deeds, redemption deeds, sale deeds,  documentations relating to loan/facilities, and services relating to marking of liens, registration of charges, identification and due diligence of properties.

We have a dedicated department for our prestigious clients who are desirous to obtain immigration with respect to Europe and the United Kingdom. This department works in collaboration with our UK counterpart.

Access to Forums

Our team is well practiced to appear before the Supreme Courts & High Courts of UK, Europe & Pakistan which includes Subordinate Courts (Sessions Courts, Banking Courts, Civil Courts, as well as “Courts of Original Jurisdiction, Services Tribunals, Specialized Administrative Tribunals, Special Courts, Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan) and the list goes on.