Ali Rana


Advocate High Court

Ali Rana is an LL.B (Hons.) graduate from the University of London. Mr. Rana is the Chief Legal Officer of our Company and primarily specializes in representation at the “High Court”, “Civil Court”, “Banking Court”, in addition to “Criminal litigation” “Session Courts” “Litigation”. He has excellent drafting skills.  Major practice of Mr. Rana entails drafting legal opinions for selective clients. He also provides expert consultancy upon real estate matters. He is experienced at handling security documentation of financial institutions as well as corporate documentation in accordance with SECP. He has possesses ample experience in drafting legal opinions and handling Corporate Documentation with SECP and carries out tasks related to Incorporation of companies, registration of Sale Deeds, Mortgagee Deeds and other banking and corporate documents. He is also an expert in litigation as well as drafting which is required in areas such “customs courts”, “banking courts”, “national accountability bureau courts”, “anti- corruption”, “anti-terrorism courts”, “service tribunals”, “arbitration”, “intellectual property matters” etc.