Our Expertise


Contracts, Agreements, Licenses, Franchising, Procurements, Tenders, Legal Advice, etc.

Commercial law is about the day to day operational legal needs of a corporate client. It’s the core of your business, and servicing it also happens to be the core of ours. We are currently engaged with multi-national companies and handling all their commercial matters. From drafting of contracts and agreements to documentation of tenders, etc., we also assist and provide services to our clients with regard to their marketing strategies and legally secure them in Pakistan. Our Commercial team provides strategic legal advice particularly in complex negotiated transaction both within Pakistan and internationally. Whether it’s a transformative acquisition, joint venture, outsourcing contract, investment, or establishment of new business in Pakistan or Europe, our Commercial team is there working beside you to help you understand and manage the legal issues that impact your business.



Companies, Firms, Partnerships, Proprietorship, NGOs, Societies, Trusts, etc.

We deal in registration and formation of all types of companies, firms, partnerships, proprietorships, non-governmental organizations, societies, trusts, foundations, groups, etc., and provide full service from drafting memorandums and articles, deeds, trusts, rules and regulations, to securing the clients with up to date requirements of regulatory authorities such as Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Not only we assist our clients in dealing with the procedural aspects of corporate sector, we also have a dedicated team for handling disputes with regulatory authorities and parties inter se. Furthermore, we also provide our clients extraordinary services with regard to its commercial transactions and matters such as intellectual property matters, labor, taxation, property acquisition, licenses, permissions, banking transactions and documentations, import/export documentation and disputes, customs, and legal opinions and corporate correspondences with regulatory authorities and all government authorities.

Energy, Power, Oil, Gas Laws

WAPDA, WASA, LESCO, OGDCL, DGPC, Tariff Petitions, Power Projects

We have the honor to assist foreign companies, local companies and governments, in power and energy sector in establishing projects nationwide. From Tariff Petitions to corporate correspondences, we assist our clients in every legal issue and provide definite professional and legal opinions. Moreover, we also provide drafting and vetting of Concession Agreements, Operating Agreements, Sale and Purchase Agreements, Financial Agreements, etc.

On the local consumer side, we have litigation with respect to our clients facing difficulties on overcharged utilities bills and overcharges taxes. We cover most of the steel sector in Pakistan and provide them with their day to day legal assistance.



Finance Facilities, Mortgages, Hypothecation, SECP Charge, Personal & Corporate Guarantees, etc.

In banking sector, we have the privilege to be enlisted on the panel of legal advisors of mainstream banks, leasing institutions and modarabas of Pakistan. We assist the respective institutions on drafting of mortgage deeds, hypothecation agreements, and all related security documents. Moreover, we have managed to recover billions of rupees through recovery suits filed on behalf of the financial institutions. Recovery cases, criminal complaints, due diligence of properties, legal opinions, documentation of finance facilities, are all few highlights of our services. We also represent many consumer clients and assist them in negotiations with the financial institutions for settlement, rescheduling and waiving off their loans and facilities.



Real Estate

Sale Deeds, Rent Agreements, Sale/Purchase, Inheritance, Mortgages, GPA

As far as matters relating to immovable properties are concerned, we provide complete legal assistance from drafting of agreements to sell, sale deeds, local authorities transfer assistance, LDA issues, DHA issues, Societies transfer issues, Cantonment Board issues, special and general power of attorneys, Revenue Authorities issues, Fards, Intiqals (Mutation), Mortgage, Lien, NOC, NEC, Lease Deeds, Relinquishment Deeds, Gifts, Hiba, Sale Certificates, Redemption Deeds, etc.


Intellectual Property

Trade mark, copyrights, patents, registration, infringement, licenses, brand protection, etc.

It is well known worldwide that the most important asset any business possesses is its intellectual property. Unfortunately, many businessmen still don’t give it the attention it deserves, and always regret it later. However, we, on the other hand, always assist our clients to the best of their interest when they contact us for legal protection. We have a special team dedicated for registration of trade marks, copyrights, and patents who provide complete assistance to the clients with the benefits of registering their masterpieces with the regulatory authorities. Not only this, we also make sure that rights once registered are not breached by anyone. We managed a bunch of high profile trade marks and copyrights in Pakistan and equally protecting the same. We also deal in license agreements and its implementation.


Labor, Consumer, Food Laws

Labor rights, gratuity, pension, consumer rights, etc.

We provide our clients with a variety of services which also include managing the labor. We assist our clients in formation of rules and regulations and establish modes of settling disputes through alternate dispute resolutions. In case of any court case, we have vast experience from both sides (labor and companies) and also assist our clients with the up to date laws regarding labor.

Consumer rights are slowly and steadily making their roots in Pakistan. We are honored to be on panel of many prestigious companies and protecting their rights both in court and outside court. We also represent many consumers and manage to bring them justice.

Food Laws are rapidly developing in Pakistan and thanks to recent investigations of Food Regulatory Authorities, great awareness of laws relating to food has been made. We happen to be part of multinational beverage brands and assist our client on curbing the counterfeit goods through civil and criminal litigation.

IT, Telecommunication, Media, Cyber Laws

Information Technology Companies, Software Protections, Telecommunication, Media and Cyber Crimes

We deal with information technologies companies and telecommunications providers of all kinds, covering regulatory compliance, commercial contracts, IP protection and disputes.

Our website and social media feed shows our interest in media.  We act for media companies, agencies, advertisement agencies, before Pakistan Electronic Media Regulation Authority.

With the recent enactment of Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2015, Pakistan has secured the rights of millions of citizens and all the foreign companies. We, having vast experience in dealing with Federal Investigation Agencies, are assisting our clients and securing them legally and issuing recent updates and guidelines to curb the crimes.


Environment, Custom, Special Laws

Show Cause Notices, Releasing of Goods, Duties

Expert and dedicated teams of special laws cater for the client needs and day to day legal issue. The expertise ranges from environmental laws, custom laws, forest laws, special banking, anti terrorism, anti corruption, NAB, Election laws, Service laws, labor laws, Sales Tax, Income Tax, Withholding Tax, Gain Tax, PRA, etc. From legal opinions to drafting and litigation and mediation, we serve our clients with a diversity of professional services to cover almost every aspect of the industry.

United Kingdom Laws, European Union Laws, Immigration

Employment Laws, Corporate Law, Conveyancing, Civil Litigation, Family Law

M-R Solicitors LLP is one of the top UK law firms providing legal services and advice to a large portfolio of clients for the past 20 years. M-R Solicitors LLP main area of expertise is Immigration that includes Asylum Cases, all types of Points Based System Applications, Sponsorship License Applications for all relevant categories, All types of Leave To Remain Applications, Detention Cases, Bail Applications, Appeals (at all levels), High Court Applications,  and all kinds of Entry Clearance Matters etc. M-R Solicitors offers legal services for various major law areas including Immigration Law, Family Law, Civil Litigation, Contract Law, Conveyancing, Employment Law and Corporate Law. We have years of experience in the said fields and can serve our clients at all levels including but not limited too UKBA (Home Office), Country Courts, High Courts, Supreme Court, Detention Centers, Airports, Police Stations, etc..

M-R Solicitors LLP also provides complete legal assistance to set up businesses in UK, Ireland and Europe.

Family Issues 

Divorce, Khula, Custody, Maintenance, Recoveries, Inheritance

We deal both in divorce and “khula” under strict client-lawyer confidentiality. Any matter relating to the custody of minors and their meeting/visitation rights, appointment of guardians, maintenance of wife during and/or after Talak/Khula, restitution of conjugal rights, family settlements and recovery of dowry articles and dower, are efficiently dealt with and handled with extreme care keeping in view the laws of the land and social aspects.

We also assist our client in litigation with regard to inheritance, declarations of legal heirs, obtaining of succession certificates.



Civil, Criminal, Corporate, Commercial

We have a vast experience of more than 10 years of litigation in Pakistan Courts at all forums from subordinate courts, tribunals to Supreme Court. Our motto “Justice delayed is justice denied” keeps us on the edge and motivates us to get the cases disposed off in minimum time possible with positive results. We currently deal in all types of litigation which include General Criminal, NAB, Custom, Anti-Terrorism, Anti-Corruption, FIA, local police, Banking (Criminal Jurisdiction), from bails to trials and appeals. On the civil side, we deal with general civil litigation, recovery suits, declarations, suits for specific performances, injunctions, Banking recoveries, Environmental Appeals, Tariff Petitions, Sales Tax Appeals, Income Tax Appeals, etc. On corporate side, we have had litigation with respect to disputes with regulatory authorities such as Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Lahore Stock Exchange, Karachi Stock Exchange, PEMRA, PEPRA, etc. On Commercial side, we deal in litigation with respect to writ petitions, RFAs, FAOs, Public Interest Litigation, etc., in various matters.